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Rackaware - SEMA Approved Racking Inspector




We focus on a three pronged approach to racking safety: inspection, protection and training.

As a company we have played an integral role in improving standards in the industry including working with the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA).


With years of experience and a diverse skill set, we’ve handled the inspection requirements of a variety of clients in a vast range of industries.


An inspection is an annual requirement for all forms of racking from conventional adjustable pallet racking systems (APR) to automated storage retrieval systems (ASRS). Rackaware’s inspections are all carried out by SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors, (the highest level of qualification), qualified to inspect both cantilever and pallet racking.


Explore the services section of the site to learn more about the types of inspection we offer.

SEMA Approved Racking Inspection Sheffield
Column Guard Racking Protection


In our experience, it is almost inevitable that a racking system will sustain damage. As such, protection plays a key role in increasing levels of safety within the warehouse.


In acknowledgement of this, we recently purchased the manufacturing processes and tooling for a range of revolutionary, British made, racking safety products. This step has allowed us to work with our customers to reduce the level of new damage and in turn reduce the associated costs of remedial works.

A selection of our products can be seen in the site store. Other products are also available upon request.


We offer both internal inspection training (Rackawareness Training) and maintenance training (Rackaware Maintenance Training).


Whilst the inspection training enables a company to inspect their racking internally, identify defects and manage safety offloads. The maintenance training teaches the delegates how to to carry out a safe replacement of the damaged component in a managed manner that saves both time and cost for the site.


Damage is almost inevitable. The key to maintaining safety is ensuring that when the racking is damaged, the correct steps are taken.

Racking Training
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