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Warehouse Racking Inspection Midlands


Warehousing and logistics have, in some form or another, been part of our way of life for thousands of years, from early agriculture and settlement through to present day online shopping and same day deliveries.


Rackaware have developed to become one of the leading independent safety experts in the field of storage equipment safety and management throughout the UK. We are serious about what we do and are constantly looking to improve and expand. We generally aim to grow organically and wherever possible we promote and train internally in order to maintain consistency for all of our customers.


Our ethos remains the same as it was on day 1: create a working environment that is as safe as possible for all of our customers. We enjoy working with safety focused companies who are invariably at different stages when it comes to their racking management. There is a strong belief that a customer should be able to seek advice as much as possible and that a safer warehouse can only be achieved through working as a team.

Rackaware - SEMA Approved Racking Inspector


'Our relationship with rackaware began when we moved to our new premises in Solihull. They worked with us to create safe operating procedure's for the racking on site which included a program of annual inspections by one of their SARI's and training of our staff to perform weekly damage checks. They also assessed the racking and provided us with load notices. We cannot speak highly enough of the service we have received.'

PH, Solihull (2019)

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